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WISSAL transcribes the art of dancing within the heart of two spaces: resonating with the beauty of the urban scenery, echoing the visual outline. The artist’s daily movements, as a medium of expression, explore the routines and mundanities of an often repressed daily life. Through the photographic eye of Behlole Mushtaq, juxtaposed with the artworks of street artist RamZ, we follow Alexia Martin as she explores
and experiences the vibrant 18th district of Paris. From horizon lines, bridges, to railways, each aspect of the city finds its counterpart within the abstract beauty of urban calligraphy. A cumulation of minerals, metal, and memories who found their
homestay within the streets and letters of Paris give birth to an improvised dance reflective of their beauty. The daily movements unfolding unravel the mechanism of dance. Images mirrored through the body outline an imaginary territory.

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